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Dwarf mine

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"Dwarf Mine" is an addictive RPG game where you lead a kingdom of dwarfs and have to mine and mine and mine to pay of your Kingdom's debt of 10 billion gold and hopefully find some mythical gems!



Dwarf king! Please wake up!

Who is the Dwarf King? You're the Dwarf King, and I'm your Assistant! PLEASE WAKE UP!

Were you able to come up with a way to pay back the 10 bilion in debt the dwarven kingdom owes? You have to hurry or the kingdom will collapse.

What? You have an idea? YOU ARE AWESOME, dwarf king! Please tell me the plan.

Got it... because this kingdom is underground... if we mine thousands of diamonds... we can sell them to pay the debt?

Well okay, if there's no other options, let's try it out!

Do you want to start mining now?

Useful information
Give your secretary all jewels
If you give your secretary all jewels, she will give you a lot of rocks as a reward. You'll need a lot of rocks to hire dwarves, so the later you get the happier you'll be. The other reward for eating the secretary's dish is that it will increase the amount of minerals you mine, and you'll get a lot of rare minerals.
Trading with merchants
You can trade your minerals with the merchants. Basically, deals are done with the same number of total amounts, but sometimes you will lose or gain.
Upgrade drill
The final evolution of the drill can be further enhanced by using all the metal you have. The chances of mining rare minerals are very low, so it's important to strengthen your drill.
Metal List
NamePriceDrop rate
Rocks10 G-
Iron50 G10 %
Copper100 G7.5 %
Silver200 G5 %
Gold500 G0.5 %
Platinum2,500 G0.25 %
Iron meteorites5,000 G0.2 %
Obsidian10,000 G0.15 %
Chromium100,000 G0.1 %
Carborundum200,000 G0.05 %
Adamantite2 million G0.005 %
Gravitite10 million G0.001 %
Clear dark50 million G0.0005 %
Omega metal250 million G0.0001 %
Jewelry List
NamePriceDrop rate
Amethyst1000 G0.6 %
Opal2000 G0.5 %
Emerald3000 G0.4 %
Aquamarine5000 G0.3 %
Ruby10,000 G0.2 %
Sapphire100,000 G0.1 %
Diamond200,000 G0.05 %
Alexandrite10 million G0.01 %
Pink star100 million G0.001 %
Koh-I-Noor1 billion G0.0001 %
Viviot10 billion G0.00001 %
Sunflower100 billion G0.000001 %
Shinhwa1 trillion G0.0000001 %
Drill List
NameMinerals mined
Junk drill1 type
Rock drill2 types
Iron drill4 types
Copper drill6 types
Silver drill8 types
Golden drill10 types
Platinum drill12 types
Meteorite drill14 types
Ebony drill16 types
Chromium drill18 types
Carbon drill20 types
Drill of kings22 types
Gravitite drill24 types
Drill of treachery26 types
Omega drill27 types
Engine List
NameMining speed
Junk engine100% UP
Rock engine140% UP
Iron engine180% UP
Copper engine220% UP
Silver engine260% UP
Golden engine300% UP
Platinum engine320% UP
Meteorite engine340% UP
Ebony engine360% UP
Chromium engine400% UP
Carbon engine500% UP
Engine of kings600% UP
Gravitite engine650% UP
Engine of treachery700% UP
Omega engine800% UP